For over ten years SILA has held a reputation for providing sustainable, integrated logistics services to the Australian steel industry.

We are experienced in the handling of all types of steel and metal products including coil, angle bar, stainless steel, jumbo coil, aluminium, gates, pipes and wire.

SILA provides steel industry customers with the opportunity to utilise a single service partner that can provide shipping, transport, container loading, unloading and customs clearance services for break-bulk, containerised shipping or LCL. Customers also have the flexibility to appoint SILA to provide any individual segment of the supply chain that best suits their needs.

Partnering with Sinotrans and CSC, SILA is focussed on delivering a safe, low cost and sustainable supply chain for customers. With the constant changes in overseas and Australian shipping and logistics rules and regulations, risk management and compliance is proving an increasing challenge for business. Many of the steel industry’s most reputable members are now choosing the benefits of SILA to fully or partly manage their shipping and logistics supply chain.