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GC2018 Commenwealth Games

Dear Clients,

With the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games being held between the 4th and the 15th of April 2018,  the Queensland State Government has made some temporary road and traffic changes in the lead up to and throughout this period.

While the majority of events and changes will affect the Gold Coast, there are some events being completed within Brisbane and these changes to traffic and routes will likely have a flow on affect from the Gold Coast up to and throughout Brisbane.

Information from states:

The movement of freight and deliveries will require specific attention during GC2018.
There will be changes in the lead up to and during the Games that freight operators will need to consider, including:

  • temporary road closures and diversions
  • permit only accessible areas
  • loading zone changes
  • variations to regulated freight routes
  • variations to permit conditions (and restrictions for users without permits)
  • general increase in traffic volumes
  • increased pedestrian traffic in the vicinity of venues and live sites
  • traffic control measures like additional signage
  • restrictions on the movement of dangerous goods
  • mandatory legal requirements like speed limit reductions
  • changes to the classification of vehicles permitted on certain routes
  • designation of Games Lanes (for athletes and officials) on some roads of the core Games Route Network.

We ask that all customers take this into consideration and note that turnaround and deliveries times may be affected through this time.

We thank you for your patience and undestanding.

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service

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Containers Loaded with Incorrect Weight Distribution

Dear Clients,

We have been advised that NSW RMS is now more actively investigating all containers leaving the terminal with axle overloads.

The most common reason for axle overloads is poor weight distribution of the goods in the container. Containers should be packed in a manner which ensures that the weight is evenly distributed within the container and not centralised towards a single point of the container.

RMS will now going through wharf records and fining anyone not going past a CFS station to correct the weight distribution of the load.

Any loads that need the weight to be corrected will have to pass by CFS located within the port botany precent lifted off, turned around and load back onto the truck to correct the weight distribution.

Unfortunately when this scenario occurs it will attract additional charges. Your SILA rep will contact you should this occur and advise further.

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service

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